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It's hard to encapsulate all of the incredible value that working with INSPIRE Real Estate and specifically Dr. Phil Millage is - it's THAT special. From unwavering and rock solid integrity and trustworthiness at every step of the way, to a deep, deep expertise of both the central Indiana housing market, property marketing and discovery and negotiation, Phil and Inspire Real Estate check every box and inspire new trust in high character and competence in the real estate industry. 


His value not only extends to the buying/selling of the home, but even went above and beyond to ensure the house showed well and was open-house-ready. When the unexpected happened, as it usually does, Phil was calm, friendly and a total pro in handling it, maximizing the transaction's value for me and making it a stress-free, even fun, experience. 


I wholeheartedly recommend INSPIRE Real Estate and Dr. Phil Millage to buy/sell a home and look forward to working with them again in the future.


--Santiago Jaramillo


We have worked with Phil Millage on buying and selling 4 different homes and have been so happy working with him each time. He truly puts his clients needs first; if issues arise within any part of the buying or selling process, he always fights for his clients’ interests, yet he is respectful and easy to work with. His many years of experience buying and selling homes for himself and others gives him great insight into what to look for in a home and how to work with all parties throughout the process. He has great recommendations on contractors, lenders, inspectors, etc. and he has always gone above and beyond helping us get our home sale-ready. He is honest and straight-forward and doesn’t play games with his clients or anyone else on the other side of the transaction as other realtors sometimes do. We highly recommend using Phil for any home-buying or selling needs.


--Mitch and Elyse

When my wife and I were looking to purchase our first home a friend recommended Phil, with Inspire Real Estate. After contacting him and several other real estate agents, we decided to work with Phil to help us find our first home. He is knowledgeable, easy and fun to work with, and willing to work through the negotiation process with you even though you are out for the deal! We were purchasing from out of state and gave him a lot more work to do during the process due to our inability to be around. Phil went above and beyond to make the transaction as smooth as possible. We found a wonderful first home with him and could not have been happier with the purchasing experience. 


Recently, as our family has expanded and a job change happened we needed to move again. Working with Phil, at Inspire Real Estate was an easy decision. Phil came alongside us and worked well with us in listing our first home, staging it, and then walking us through the purchase of our next home. Phil's dedication, honesty, and willingness to work with us and answer any questions through the process is refreshing and we will be recommending him to others. 


--Andrew and Kristen


Dr. Millage helped my wife and I purchase our very first home while we were still fresh out of college. We were moving to a completely new area in northern Indianapolis and didn't know much about the area. I had also recently obtained my real estate license, and he used this experience as an excellent teaching opportunity so I could learn more about the business. 


Dr. Millage was extremely helpful with honest recommendations and advice. He was also very fast and responsive in an extremely competitive market. The house we ended up purchasing was on the market for less than a day and there were 5 offers including ours! Thanks to his expertise, we were able to put in a strong offer and get it accepted over all of the others! I would recommend Dr. Millage and Inspire Real Estate to anyone who is looking for an honest real estate agent with the knowledge and experience to get you in the right home for the right price!


--Aaron and Hahna

Home buying and selling made very easy. My wife and I had relocated to Indiana and were ready to purchase our 1st home. As most may know or assume, the thought of buying a home seems to be very stressful, but not with Phil. He was attentive to our needs and what we were looking for. The best part is that he wasn't working for some big corporation that only wanted to sell us a house, but he wanted to help us find our home. I really didn't think it could have been any easier.


We eventually came to a point where we had to relocate and needed to sell this house. I didn't think twice about having Phil represent me in selling this home because of his friendly nature and attention to detail. Not only did he help with promoting this house, he physically helped get it ready when I wasn't available. Taking delivery of appliances he helped pick out, being there for maintenance to be done, you couldn't ask for a better agent or gentlemen. Phil was absolutely pleasant, and I could only have wished he had the ability to help me buy a house in our new home state.

--Jesse and Mackenzie


I recently hired Philip Millage as broker to sell my house, and had an excellent experience as his client.


Within 24 hours of placing his Inspire Real Estate sign in my yard, we had two inquiries. One of these parties eventually purchased my property at my full asking price, and Phil was instrumental in making this happen.


As is often the case, we encountered some obstacles along the way, but that’s where Phil’s expertise and creative thinking really shone.


With the initial offer on my house, the buyer needed to complete the sale of his out-of-state residence, which was in progress. While we were processing his offer on my house, his buyer backed out. The buyer made it clear that he still wanted to purchase my house, but would need to sell his residence first. At this point, I saw two options: either hold his offer open, or put my house back on the market.


Phil suggested a third alternative: Since I had already vacated the house, he proposed leasing it to the buyer, allowing him a chance to sell his house. The buyer accepted this option, thankful to get his family out of the motel where they’d been living and into their future home. This was definitely a win for both buyer and seller.


A further challenge arose when my buyer was unable to pay the full rental value of my property. Again, Phil offered a solution: collect the percentage of the monthly rent that the buyer could afford, and collect the accumulated balance at closing.


The buyer moved in, and just 23 days after signing the lease, he had completed the sale of his residence, and we closed on the contract for my house.


During each of these challenges, Phil continued to encourage me and offer options, providing the information necessary to reach each decision. His communications were prompt and precise. His documents were accurate and always provided in a timely manner. Furthermore, his price is reasonable.


Throughout the entire process, I feel that he viewed me as a friend rather than just a client.


With all this in mind, I highly recommend to you, without reservation, Philip Millage and Inspire Real Estate.


--Jerry & Judy


My wife and I worked with Phil to sell our house and then to purchase our new house. He was able to quickly list our house on short notice and after it sold he worked quickly to show us several houses including the hidden gem that we eventually purchased before it even hit the open market! Thanks to his guidance we were able to close on both houses on the same day to prevent us from having to move all of our possessions twice. After the closing, I received a friendly call from Phil that he proactively reviewed the title company papers and discovered that they had overpaid his commission and he made sure that I did not overpay by one penny. I would feel comfortable referring any family and friends to Phil based on his honesty, timeliness, and knowledge of real estate and the area! Phil Millage made my home buying process less stressful by applying his confidence and knowledge of the industry to my individual situation. When purchasing a home it is key to work with someone you can trust, and Phil offers that to his customers. I know he helped me get the very best price possible and took joy with me as I signed the papers for the greatest investment of my life…my first home. When looking for a Realtor and adviser, Dr. Phil Millage has every quality one could ask for…honesty, character, knowledge, dependability, and dedication.


--Jason and Emily


We worked with Phil in selling our home. We actually hadn't listed our home yet when Phil gave us a call but, we had been planning to list it in the spring. Phil knew he had found the perfect family for our home. He was right. They loved it, making the selling process of our home so much fun and very easy. Not only did he help us every step of the way through selling our home he even helped with the follow-up purchase of our new home at no cost to us, for free. Which is unusual for a realtor to do for you but Phil always went above and beyond to help us as we packed up our family of 5 quickly and moved to a beautiful new home that has been perfect for us. We are grateful for Phil's expertise, professionalism, leadership, and friendship. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family.


--Matt and Brittney 


I consider myself a well informed, professional in the real estate industry, so when I set out to buy a house I knew the first thing I needed was a good real estate agent. When a family is going to buy a house, they need an agent that will work for them…a buyer’s agent. Phil is just that. We looked at dozens of houses all over Hamilton County, and he was just as excited to see the next as we were. When it came to negotiating, he was able to work on our behalf, to make the deal work for us. You will not get this from a listing agent, who works for the seller. Lastly, he understands a real estate transaction from both perspectives, both as an investment and as a home. For these reasons, I strongly recommend that you ask Phil to work for you.


–-Nate and Staci


Dr. Millage helped me buy my first home. He served as my buyer’s agent and did a terrific job throughout the process. He helped me nail down specific goals and parameters for what I was looking for, then found properties that fit with those goals. He was essential in getting all the pieces pulled together, as I had never bought a property before. He walked me through the process step by step, from researching to closing, always helping to answer all my questions. He negotiated a great deal (we bought the house for less than any of the similar comps in the neighborhood and had the seller pay closing costs). Furthermore, because we could not get the full amount of repair money from the seller that I had hoped for, he went above and beyond by completing some of the repair work himself. I was extremely glad to have him working with me.




Real Estate transactions get pretty complicated. It takes somebody with real business experience to get a complex deal through. Phil was able to help us navigate the complexities of multiple properties, investment properties, and rentals and give us expert advice and analysis. Without Phil helping us out, we definitely would not be in the position we are in right now. Thank you Phil!


–-Jonathan and Dena


We used Phil as our Realtor for the purchase of the home we just built. He was very helpful in walking us through the construction process and highlighting things we may not have thought about. He also helped with suggesting where to spend our upgrade money.


Overall, my wife and I, really felt like Phil had our best interest at heart throughout the process. Phil took a below industry standard commission percentage for his work which really showed us he cared.


We have purchased several investment homes with Phil as our Realtor. He has always taken the time to set appointments and walk us through each home, talk about floor plan pros and cons, upgrades and locations. Phil is definitely not scared of hard work and difficult situations, or he would have stopped working with us 3 houses ago. He goes above and beyond by knowing where we need to be in order to be profitable. He has consistently negotiated prices that exceeded our expectations. He understands that with investments, every penny counts and takes this into consideration when discussing his commission percentage.


As our buyer’s agent, Phil always makes sure that other Realtors involved know our bottom-line and that we will walk away if we don’t get that number. He is one of the best in the business at “playing the game” and making sure everyone is a winner. Phil is constantly seeking the win-win situation for all parties involved. His business and investment property acumen, as well as his integrity, have played a huge part in our selection of Phil as our Realtor.


–-Jesse and Angie 


After graduating from college my life began to change dramatically. I was getting married in two months and I had received a job offer from a town about two hours away. To add to the pressure of preparing for both, I was also trying to find a place for my future wife and I to live. Several friends of mine had used Phil Millage to find their houses and were extremely happy. My one dilemma was that I was trying to find a house in a location two hours away from Phil’s office in Indianapolis. It didn’t matter to Phil, he drove the two-hour trip, three times to help us look, and when we finally found the right house he helped us through the mortgage process. My wife and I were thrilled with the service we received. During the purchase process, the seller we were working with was unable to meet our aggressive time constraints and I was forced to leave the state for my wedding. In my absence, I assigned power of attorney to Phil for the closing and he actually went through the closing process for me. It was so nice for us to come home from our honeymoon and move right into our new home. Since Phil has a broker’s and real-estate license he was even able to offer us a great cash back deal that we would never have received anywhere else. Phil went the extra mile for my wife and I and we would definitely use him in the future.


Phil Millage is honest and very willing to work with any situation. I was over 12 hours away, getting married and Phil still came through as my broker, my agent, and my power of attorney in closing. We now have a beautiful home and would recommend Phil to anyone!


–-Nate and Jennifer 


Phil Millage is the “go-to-guy” for all things real estate. I have often called him for advice. His understanding of the industry is so complete and many things he is willing to do as a result, such as creative financing, many other people would consider way outside the box. This allows clients of Phil Millage to find the best possible deals and explore options they may have never considered. Because his experience is multifaceted in investing and brokerage, he can provide the best service possible.


It is nice to know that your real estate agent is not working simply for the commission. Phil Millage is there to help. The last house that Phil helped us buy, I wanted to pay him. I was actually happy to pay his commission. That is how much he worked for us.




Phil Millage made the home buying process fun!  We loved spending time with Phil as we looked for our first home to buy.  Phil not only listened to us but had our best interest in mind as he helped us.  He was always there with honest answers and helpful hints.  Dr. Millage taught us the key lessons about real estate along the way.  I will recommend Phil Millage to anyone and everyone!


In today’s housing market it’s difficult to find someone like Phil, who is sincerely interested in your well-being. Phil did more for my wife and I than we ever expected.


–-David and Emily


We couldn't be more excited to finally own an amazing house. It's the perfect 1st home for us! I can’t thank our realtor, Phil, enough for being patient, helpful, and very friendly. We may have thrown him some trials, but we loved working with him! We have the most amazing friends and family too for helping us out with everything! We love and thank you!


--Tomarra and Mason


We worked with Phil to find downtown lots, while also viewing existing properties, and in the end, we decided to build. Consequently, we also had Phil market our townhouse in a surging downtown market. Phil convinced us to list the townhouse at a price that I thought wouldn't generate any interest.  However, in the first week, we had several very interested buyers, and we signed a purchase agreement within two weeks!  All of this happened even though we had many contentious HOA issues and home inspection details to address. Phil helped us through the complicating factors while working to ensure that the future purchaser maintained his interest. Phil was diligent throughout the long process. We appreciated that Phil tried to maximize the value of our townhouse and list it for a higher price rather than go for an easy and quick commission.


--Ian and Elyse


I could not recommend Phil Millage any more highly. I’ve bought the last two (and only two) houses with his help and both experiences have wildly exceeded my expectations.


At first, before working with Phil, I was wary and skeptical of working with any realtor. I realize the financial incentives of the realtor business model and I also realize that they’re not always completely aligned with the incentives and desires of the home buyer. Add to that the fact that a house purchase is typically the biggest purchase ever for a person, couple or family, and the importance of finding and partnering with a truly trustworthy realtor becomes an incredibly important decision. Because of this importance, I sought out a realtor that would not just be an expert at the home finding, evaluating and buying process, but also someone who I could truly trust.


Phil has unwaveringly displayed unquestionable integrity in every interaction (it’s just who he is), has shown an experienced and in-depth knowledge of how to evaluate properties for both economic value and risk mitigation, as well as guided me through the intricacies of the entire home buying process, from financing, to price negotiations, to inspection and to closing. Finding someone like Phil to partner with for such massive life decisions is one of the best financial and personal decisions you might ever make. I enthusiastically, and without any reservations, recommend Phil Millage as a person and real estate professional.




Phil's personality and character shine through with his skills as a Realtor. Not only is he always willing to go the extra mile for you, but he is the type of person that you can trust has your back at every step in the process! Phil worked absolute magic for us when purchasing our lake property and we could not recommend him more. 


--Matt and Teresa 


Home buying and selling made very easy. My wife and I had relocated to Indiana and were ready to purchase our 1st home. As most may know or assume, the thought of buying a home seems to be very stressful, but not with Phil. He was attentive to our needs and what we were looking for. The best part is that he wasn't working for some big corporation that only wanted to sell us a house, but he wanted to help us find our home. I really didn't think it could have been any easier.


We eventually came to a point where we had to relocate and needed to sell this house. I didn't think twice about having Phil represent me in selling this home because of his friendly nature and attention to detail. Not only did he help with promoting this house, he physically helped get it ready when I wasn't available. Taking delivery of appliances he helped pick out, being there for maintenance to be done, you couldn't ask for a better agent or gentlemen. Phil was absolutely pleasant, and I could only have wished he had the ability to help me buy a house in our new home state.


--Dylan and Mackenzie

We first met Phil when he was the sell-side agent when we purchased our home in Westfield in 2015 (we had a different agent).  The way Phil went about his business, his knowledge of the Westfield area/the house we purchased, and his overall demeanor stuck out to us. It was clear he brought the “personal touch” to the table for his client and was personally invested in getting them the best possible result and put in the time to ensure that happened.  Three years later when I was being relocated for work, we knew we wanted to give Phil a call and, after interviewing three other agents with larger brokerages, we knew Phil was the right guy to list our house.  

During the entire process, Phil was incredibly responsive to my questions and went out of his way to contact other brokers to make sure our listing was top-of-mind.  Since I was being relocated, my company required that Phil work directly with a relocation management company, which required very specific and detailed instructions be followed at every step of the listing process.  Though he didn’t have previous experience with this type of arrangement, Phil spent the time on the front-end to make sure he and my relocation management company were aligned and we never missed a beat.  In fact, my relocation management company was very complimentary of Phil’s diligence and attention to detail.


--Terry & Juliana

When my husband and I were looking for our first home, we were 100% certain that we wanted to work with Dr. Phil Millage and Inspire Real Estate. I had known Phil for many years prior. With the authentic integrity and Christ-like character, I had witnessed over the many years, I knew we would be in excellent hands.  Phil was my professor for three years, as a student I was always extremely impressed with his knowledge and level of expertise in his field. He has been a dear role model and someone I truly admire. 


During the housing search, Phil was not only our relator, but also an advocate, educator, and friend. He would spend time investing into our search and teaching us about real estate and the home buying process. This was a completely new journey for me. Phil always went above and beyond to answer my questions. I could tell he was passionate about helping my husband and I by the way he would quickly respond to any of our requests we had. He would always quickly schedule any showing we were interested in. 


When our dream house came on the market, we found it on the Fourth of July. We asked to go see it the next day, because we did not want to ask our realtor to see the house on a holiday. He immediately said that he could come out on the holiday and see the house. He knew that the property would go quickly if we waited. We fell in love with the house as soon as we did a showing with Phil. He helped us get an offer submitted that day and beat out the other offers that came in the next day. If it was not for Phil sacrificing his time, I do not believe we would have gotten our house. 


Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am that my husband and I worked with Phil. We are happily living in our dream property. We would not be there if it was not for Phil. He is a man of honorable character, passionate about his job, and extremely knowledgeable as a professional. He helped make the buying process fun and exciting! 


--Leah & Seth


When we saw a home go on the market in our dream neighborhood, we knew we had to jump on it quickly since homes were selling within just a few days. Our family had used Phil in the past with buying and selling their homes, so we didn’t hesitate to call him! Since this home was in our dream neighborhood but was clearly a fixer-upper, Phil was a great asset to us as he pointed out potential issues and easy fix recommendations as well as providing sound, no nonsense advice! The next day we made an offer on the house, and were able to feel confident based on Phil’s recommendations. He even advised us to write a letter to the homeowner, which turned out to be the reason we got the house in the end! Through the buying process Phil answered all of our questions and continues to be our go-to for home-related questions. We can’t thank Phil enough for helping us make a smart financial investment with our home, and for being amazing to work with!

Last but not least, the key is hiring a broker who will go the "extra mile."

--Bethany and Matt

When we first knew that our family would be growing and we would need more space, we contacted Phil about selling our home and finding a new one. We knew our house wasn't quite ready to sell, and he gave us very helpful advice on steps we could take that would have the biggest impact for the least investment. While we were still preparing to sell, Phil helped us find a home that was perfect for us and get an accepted offer even in a very aggressive market. Because we all wanted to avoid two mortgage payments, Phil shepherded us through the rest of the selling process to get the house on the market as quickly as possible. Once it was on the market, Phil's experience and wisdom proved even more valuable. We had some very strange and certainly uncommon circumstances with the first and second offers on our property, but Phil keenly used the situation to help the third and final offer come in better than we ever expected. All of this paired with a clear, personal investment in the outcome of the whole process made, it a very good experience working with Phil. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phil to someone buying or selling their home.


--Mitchell and Elyse


"Serving my clients is great privilege, and so many of my clients have blessed me with comments such as these. My clients are the primary reason for my success! They have blessed me with their friendship, and with their trust. Many have become my lifelong friends. In my mind, they will always be my clients! Many still lean on me for advice, ideas about building or renovation, help with real estate investments and my suggestions for good contractors. I especially appreciate their reciprocity in the sense that they've blessed my business with their referrals. I pray for their happiness and success!"