Your Buyer’s Agent Should Save You Thousands

So you have found your perfect house in Indiana, you have received your loan and you have even saved up the perfect down payment. You feel like you have negotiated a good price, but what would you say if you found out that your Realtor wasn’t smart enough to save you thousands more? Knowledge is power, and if your Realtor doesn’t know how to negotiate thousands out of simple things like the purchase agreement, then you need a new Realtor.

Having an Agent who understands the art of negotiation will be one of the best assets in your home buying arsenal. A simple technique is simply to make sure you add all the property you actually want in the agreement and ask for it for free. You would be amazed at what people will throw in, from boats to furniture. Have the other side pay for all of the closing costs. Don’t feel like it’s your responsibility because they think they gave you a good deal. Have the other side pay for the surveys and inspections that go along with the home buying process. Even go as far as having the seller pay for the title fee. Searching for a buyer’s agent who knows his stuff is worth the effort.

Never get a Realtor who is not qualified enough to make you money all the way through. Find an agent who is skilled enough, not only to save you money, but to teach you how they are doing it. Do your research and ask about the qualifications, business experience and schooling that will help you save money.

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