Why Indiana?

Whose Ear? The hoakie adage referring to the random nickname given to Indiana-ites is really pretty lame and doesn’t give Indiana the respect it deserves. We are the Crossroads of America for cryin’ out loud! Well, whether we have no idea how to designate a cool nickname for our Hoosiers or not, we do know how to provide value for people who are looking to buy homes. In Indiana, “for sale” signs mean only one thing: you have opportunity to gain some great value in your next real estate purchase. Buying homes in Indiana for sale will bring value to you because of the factors that make up real estate value. We’re not talking about brick versus vinyl siding or lakefront versus city dump; we’re talking about adding up Safety, Equity, Peace of Mind, Education, Local Commerce and Entertainment to equal Value.

Keys to Real Estate Value that are represented very well in Indiana homes:

  • Safety

  • Equity

  • Peace of Mind

  • Education

  • Local Commerce

  • Entertainment


The list of things that make up value when looking at buying homes in Indiana for sale has to begin with the idea of safety because it is simply everyone’s priority. You may challenge that, but if you think about it, safety is one of the most important aspects of the home search because of the implications. For instance, even if you are single and only have yourself to worry about, what happens if your house is burned down due to arson? Or simply if your iPod is stolen? Safety involves more than just worrying about physical harm to people, it is about having a protected environment for likely the largest financial investments you will ever make – your home. In Indiana, Hamilton County is a very safe place and represents such a protected environment. Obviously, even the safest places in the country are still impacted by crime. Hamilton County is generally safer than most other counties in America according to multiple sources such as bestplaces.net and thus, a great place to buy homes in Indiana for sale.


The next factor of value that comes to mind when looking to buy homes in Indiana for sale is equity i.e., the actual cash value in your home. When it comes down to it, finding a home to buy is wonderful, but if you can’t afford it, there is no point in even walking in the front door. It is quite frustrating to learn that you have lived in a home for a decade or two and your home has not risen in value. Fortunately for Hoosiers and future Hoosiers (people looking to buy homes in Indiana for sale), home values have appreciated over time and have not been subject to the rapid decline experienced by other parts of the country. Indiana has maintained a fairly consistent pace of appreciation throughout the last few decades. The great thing about gaining equity in Indiana is that it is more predictable than in other places, even though it may not have the surges in value that California and Florida have experienced.

Peace of Mind

Take a deep breath, exhale, and say… AHHH… Exactly the feeling you will experience when you sell homes in Indiana. “For sale” signs in Hamilton County typically mean fast moving real estate. Why does Hamilton County have real estate that is easily marketable?… because of the very things that are on this list. People recognize the fact that Indiana is a great place to live. People learn this when evaluating homes in Indiana for sale, especially in Hamilton County. This is because of the frequent national awards from magazines such as BusinessWeek Magazine and Forbes Magazine that consistently rank Hamilton County and especially Fishers, Indiana as some of the best places to live in the country. In addition, Hamilton County is also at a great location to purchase homes in Indiana for sale because it is far enough away from Indianapolis to avoid inner-city problems (noise pollution, traffic jams, occasional youth violence, etc.), but is close enough that early morning commutes don’t have to start at 10:00 p.m. the night before! So again, take a deep breath and remember: when you want to sell your home, you probably won’t have to wait too long.


If you care about the education of your children, Hamilton County is where you want to be. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and responsible parents consider this when looking at different locations for purchasing homes in Indiana for sale. Houses are typically purchased quickly during the summers in Hamilton County, Indiana because out-of-staters and people relocating in Indiana want to register their children in the local school system. Hamilton County is by far the best public school system in the state and is consistently one of the top five counties in the country for public education. After high school, children may then attend one of Indiana’s prestigious universities, such as the University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, Indiana University, Butler University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Taylor University and Depauw University to name a few. Highly educated Hoosiers / out-of-towners often stay, buy homes in Indiana for sale and contribute to Indiana’s community.

Local Commerce

Although Indianapolis is not usually discussed as one of the top cities for business, our health care, bio-technology, amateur sports and software technology firms are truly world-class. At the forefront of Indy’s bio-tech sector is Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company that has produced many drugs that are sold throughout the world. Also, Indiana is home to many fine hospitals that are recognized by surrounding states as leaders in the fields of heart and child health care – yet another great reason to buy homes in Indiana for sale. The software technological aspect of Indiana has exploded in the past decade with the emergence of companies like ExactTarget and Compendium. ExactTarget is the international leader in email marketing, while Compendium is emerging as a revolutionary corporate blogging company. Apart from the businesses that are headquartered in Indianapolis, many businesses and trade shows visit the capital city‘s convention center.


If entertainment is important to you when buying your next home, Indiana is the right place for you. Homes in Indiana for sale, especially those located in central Indiana are very close to nationally and even internationally recognized sporting events such as: Collegiate sporting events (we are home to the NCAA Hall of Fame), the Superbowl-winning Indianapolis Colts (NFL), the Indiana Pacers (NBA), the Indiana Fever (WNBA), the Indianapolis 500 (literally the largest one-day sporting event in the world and the pinnacle of the Indy Racing League), the Brickyard 400 (Indiana’s contribution to the Nascar circuit), Formula 1 racing and the brand new Moto GP event (one of only two venues for the international Moto GP circuit in America). Aside from sports, you can enjoy the finer arts through many venues if you buy homes in Indiana for sale around the downtown Indianapolis area including the Civic Theater (the oldest volunteer theater in the country), Beef and Boards (a classic dinner theater on the north side), the Indianapolis Art Museum (free admission) and the Children’s Museum (reportedly the finest Children’s Museum in the United States). More could be written about entertainment when considering homes in Indiana for sale, but we think you get the idea.

= Value

So what does this all mean for homes in Indiana for sale? It means that you truly gain value unparalleled in any other state. Seriously, I challenge you to find a metropolitan area that has all of the features and benefits mentioned above. When you consider the price-range for homes and the central location of Indianapolis, we think the benefits are self-evident. Obviously, buying homes in Indiana for sale is not for everyone, but if you are financially savvy and want to enjoy home, you will most likely love it here! The next time you think about where you want to settle, remember the factors of value that Indiana, especially Hamilton County, Indiana provides: Safety, Equity, Peace of Mind, Education, Local Commerce, and Entertainment.

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