Does Your Realtor Know How to Negotiate for a Home in Fishers for Sale

Negotiation for a home in fishers for sale, or any home for that matter, is one of the topics in life that either excites you or scares you. It’s a form of communication that usually leads to conflict. Here are some simple tips that you and your Realtor should be aware of. I would make sure to interview your Agent in the future to see if he is knowledgeable enough to save you money on your new home, because if he isn’t better at it than you, you should not be paying him for it!

  1. Preparation for negotiating a home in Fishers for sale is one of the most important parts. “Know the Seller.” The more you know, the more problems you can solve. Do they have personal issues – are they getting divorced? If so, they may want to sell fast. Are they upgrading to a new house, or are they downsizing? Is there a major timing issue? If so, you can use these areas to negotiate in your favor and also to help the seller.

  2. Negotiation is about finding a win-win solution. Never give away anything without getting something in return.

  3. Know what you are willing to negotiate before you go in. Set your limits before you ever go in and stick to them.

  4. Never discuss an issue about the home unless you are ready. If you are not ready to talk, then don’t do it! Never be pressured to answer a question you know nothing about. Don’t be ashamed, be honest, be smart.

  5. Be in control. If you are an emotional person, you are not a good negotiator. Being emotional and getting worked up will only lose you money and possibly the home. So, let someone else in Fishers (i.e. a Buyer’s Agent) negotiate for you.

  6. Listen. Sometimes when people say they are giving you a price that they offered their sister, they mean it! Know when to take a deal; by listening, you can find it.

  7. Meet me half way. I have heard this before and it’s a lie. If they offer to cut a price in half, cut yours by an 1/8th. Who said you had to always negotiate in halves. That is a way to lose the house in Fishers for sale, small concessions is how you win.

Knowing the basics of negotiation can save you thousands of dollars on the house in Fishers for sale that you want. Make sure you understand the rules, and make sure your agent knows them even better than you. If you are in the Hamilton County area in Indiana, we at Inspire Real Estate would love to represent you by listing your house or finding one that will fit your needs.

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