About Us...

Phil Millage has twenty plus years of experience in real estate, construction, consulting, sales and training. Early in his career, Phil helped start a commercial development company that quickly (3 years) became the 7th largest commercial development company in Indianapolis.


Phil has built several custom homes for himself, helped others navigate the purchase process and the development process for both custom and production homes. He has helped clients secure both residential and commercial ground, and has personally operated as project manager overseeing commercial building projects.


During the late 2000’s, Phil began focusing more on the residential side of real estate. He subsequently started Inspired Real Estate, LLC (2006) primarily as a tool to buy and sell residential property for both himself and for others interested in investment property.


Phil has taught two real estate courses at the university level. One was a creative Real Estate Investment and Finance course, required for Finance Majors at Indiana Wesleyan University. He also created and taught an online real estate course for first-time home buyers. Phil’s true love is to help others learn about real estate.


The key to his success as a listing broker is that he uses his creative financing and marketing skills to help his clients secure the best possible real estate opportunities. He provides a single-minded focus on behalf of clients. As a business trainer, Phil was known for his negotiation and sales seminars. 


Lastly, Phil is “old fashioned” in the sense that he still thinks integrity and hard work are the keys to success. Absolute disclosure on all issues relating to his clients has been the bedrock of his approach and managing a client's resources like they were his own. He takes his fiduciary responsibility seriously!

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Beyond being your Listing Broker . . . 

what will Phil's team do for you as your buyer's agent?

  1. Clearly identify the Seller/Buyer’s goals, needs, timetables, and key purchasing issues. 

  2. The topic that is most important is to know is the seller(s)' fears! Yes, you heard me  ... "FEARS." Fears are rarely talked about by brokers, but fears don't go away without talking them out. The sale is a big deal so help me learn what is the most important to you!!! Personal example...these 2 always come up for me: My fear is not making enough improvements (thus not getting what the house is worth), and I also worry about selling during a time I won't get the most for my property. What's yours??? Let's talk it out and plan for dealing with it!

  3. Review pricing trends, market issues and clarify what amenities will make a property marketable in the future.

  4. Help the Seller/Buyer with a complete market and financial analysis.

  5. Negotiate on behalf of the Seller/Buyer, while keeping the other party's needs clearly in focus.

  6. Be able to fully employ creative financing techniques on behalf of the Seller/Buyer.

  7. Provide assistance/advice about mortgages, insurance, warranties, inspections, repairs and possible renovations that will allow the property to meet the Buyer’s needs.

  8. Assist the Seller/Buyer in making good decisions by using his or her wide range of experience.