We can help with very reasonable brokerage fees!

Why Use a Listing Broker?

The Listing Broker is the key professional to oversee the selling of your home. First, what you want and you absolutely need is a broker with unquestionable integrity, because selling your house is a very big deal! Wouldn't it be nice to hire someone who has moved 16 times himself, because reading about it and doing it are two different things? And, you need someone with experience in areas such as selling skills, negotiating skills, communication skills, marketing skills and people skills.

Keeping the sales process on track is the key. Don't hire an order taker. Hire a proven salesperson who follows every lead, every positive feedback comment, and every connection. That is what I do. I won't drive a interested party away, but I will find out everything I can to make the sale work. I have developed commercial property, traded homes, sold homes, and built both commercial and residential properties. I've owned an assisted living business. As an entrepreneur, I know that hard work and persistence are the great equalizers. I'd love to put those skills to work for you. I'll do it all at price you will approve of!

   What I will do for You your listing broker:

                 A 5.5% commission beats 6% or 7% any day of the week!

Extremely Low Commissions: Normally brokers charge 6-7% for their service (3.5% for the listing broker and 3.5% for the selling brokers). Some brokers discount making the total 6%. Think of the savings for a 5.5% full service broker.

  Home Sales             Savings based              Saving based on

        Price                    on a 5.5% vs 7%              5.5% vs. 6% listing

    $250,000                         $3,750                            $1,250

    $300,000                         $4,500                            $1,500

    $400,000                         $6,000                            $2,000

    $500,000                         $7,500                            $2,500

    $600,000                         $9,000                            $3,000

    $700,000                        $10,500                           $3,500

    $800,000                        $12,000                           $4,000

    $900,000                        $13,500                           $5,500

    $1,000,000                     $15,000                           $6,000


Promise: I will produce an acceptable offer (you decide what is acceptable by agreeing to the offer) to you in 40 days or less or you may cancel the listing.

Focus: My focus is on Hamilton County and that is where 99% of my listings are located. It is common for listing brokers to sell themselves as fully knowledgeable about the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. By focusing, I have more time to research the Hamilton County market and specialize rather than generalize what I do.

   Phil Millage    

Full Service Broker

Principal Broker/Owner/Managing Broker

                 Inspire Real Estate, LLC                 

"5% Total Commission!"

  Call me anytime at 317-502-9445

Keys to my success...

  1. The key for me is that I am a professional salesman i.e., I’m not an order-taker. I work every lead, and carefully follow-up on any comments that indicate an interest in your property.

  2. Bottom-line: I never drop the ball when someone shows an interest in your property. My sales philosophy is “it is never over until it is over.” I pursue until we have a win.

  3. Low Overhead: I work independently and provide a full service listing. Working independently lowers my overhead and thus, I am able to pass the savings on to you.

  4. Similar Marketing Methods with One Major Exception: Virtually every broker uses the same marketing resources, the central one being the Multiple Listing Service. I employ about 4-5 simple techniques along with the listing service.

  5. Experience: I’ve spent 20+ years consulting for businesses in the areas of strategy, marketing and sales. Much of my time was spent teaching salespeople how to sell and negotiate. In addition, I am a Certified Gallup Strength Coach and I put those skills to work in the sales process.